Why Use Aviva Photo Studios


Your experience with Aviva begins when you see our work either on our website, in someone’s home, or have been given a referral from a friend or family member. We hope our images move you and invoke emotion. Chances are – if you have come this far – you like what you see and are excited about the idea of working with us.


At Aviva Studios our goal is to create photographs that are as unique as you are. Whether it’s your Wedding, portraits of mothers-to-be, babies, couples, friends or families, we are devoted to capturing life’s happiest moments in the most original, artistic and enjoyable way possible. In order to achieve this we believe it’s important to get to know you and what you enjoy so that the images we create truly reflect your personality and lifestyle. During this consultation we will suggest and present the options available to best suit your needs. We will also discuss ideas, locations, who will be in the portraits, what clothes to wear, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have.
At the end of this initial consultation we schedule your Photography Session and Viewing Appointment. At this time we require a non-refundable retainer of 50% of the session fee. This holds the date and allows us to begin the work of planning your day of great photography. (We will cheerfully reschedule if the weather is uncooperative or other circumstances arise).


We suggest you avoid scheduling your session on a day when you are not busy. That way everyone will arrive looking their best and feeling refreshed and relaxed. The length of the session depends on the number of people involved, the complexity of the set, and the location. If very young children are going to be photographed, don’t forget to bring a toy, some books and snacks.
Although we have a variety of costumes and props, feel free to personalize your session by bringing along your most prized possessions. Think of a musical instrument, sports object, toy, or other item that you treasure.


Choosing just the right images is a fun experience! Be sure everyone who is part of the decision making process is at the viewing appointment and is prepared to make decisions. You will have so many beautiful photos to choose from that if you are like most people, you’ll want them all! We will be on hand to guide you through the selection process and help you narrow it down to your precious favorites.
Aviva Studios also offers a private online gallery service so that friends and family members that may not live in the immediate area will have an opportunity to view and purchase their favorites as well!


Determining ahead of time where you’d like to display your portraits and the dimensions of the space in which you’d like to hang them can make this part of the process a lot easier. Not sure exactly where to hang your beautiful new portraits, what type of frame to use, or even what size will look best? Not to worry, we’re here to help!
By using digital pictures of some of the areas around your home or office that are ‘contenders’, Aviva Studio’s state of the art software can visually show you exactly what your new piece of art will look like in that space! This process really helps in selecting just the right size and framing solution to enhance your portrait and compliment your home decor.