Elizabeth Tremblay is the owner and creator of Aviva Studios.

Over the course of her 18+ year career and love affair with photography, Elizabeth has become one of Canada’s leading portrait photographers. With an intuitive eye and the ability to adapt to almost any photographic situation, Liz has created unique personal & professional images for a wide variety of clients. Her attention to detail, creative flair and unobtrusive style have made her one of BC’s most sought after photographers.

“I feel the most ‘at home’ when I am behind the camera and I think it is that comfort that allows me to help my subject feel comfortable as well. I love to photograph people and create images that excite them and that will be a treasure for generations to come.”

Liz believes that giving back to the community is an integral part of her business and her life. In addition to “Children of the Okanagan” Liz organizes several events throughout the year that raises funds for different organizations throughout the community.

“I am thankful that I am able to do what I love every single day and out of that gratitude comes a desire to want to give back. It’s through photography that I can do that best.”

Liz’s specialty is portraiture, lifestyle & business photography. She has an eye for beauty, and captures the essence of her young subjects like few others can. She approaches each session with creativity, sensitivity and a unique ability to make even the shyest child, or adult, feel comfortable.

Elizabeth lives and works in Kelowna, BC with her husband Richard, daughter Lauren and sons Kyle and Brandon.