Take A Better Business Portrait

Business Portrait of a red haired woman wearing black in a green park setting

How long has it been since your last professional photo?

Professional photos are an important part of presenting yourself and your business to the world. There are a lot of things that go into taking a great professional photo. Let’s run through some of them now!

It’s important to use a photograph that communicates professionalism. Your photo represents who you are as a professional and is an example of your level of quality of work. Some people try to use their point-and-click or phone cameras, or have their friends take their professional portrait for them. You will not look like a professional if your profile photo is a selfie!Outdoor portrait of man in business attire

You’ve got choices to make!

Your professional portrait is not just a way to demonstrate your professional skills. It conveys your personality, work philosophy, and attitude to your prospective clients. Whenever you get a custom portrait taken, you have several things to consider to make sure you’re sending your clients the right message. For instance, do you want a corporate image or lifestyle shot? In some circumstances, it may not be appropriate to use a lifestyle shot for your professional portrait. Lawyers, accountants, and other clerical workers often need to present a more corporate look. For some, a lifestyle shot is a great way to form a more personal connection with their clients.

That’s just one of many questions you should ask yourself before booking a professional portrait session. With each choice comes a series of related choices – If you’re doing a lifestyle shot, do you want to shoot it outdoors or in a studio? Outdoor photos are more casual and provide lots of opportunity to express yourself through settings and activities, while studio shoots are more controlled. Maybe you’d like to do the shoot on location at your place of business? This is a good way to give your customers a feel for your business culture and environment.

More than anything else, you need to consider what your portrait should convey about you and your business. Think about what you want to communicate to your customers. Make your choices with them in mind. Finally, it’s important to keep your professional photos up-to-date to ensure they reflect you and your business accurately.

Tips for taking great business portraits

After you’ve decided the details of your shoot, decide the details of your attire. Whether you prefer formal or casual, you want to come across as friendly and approachable. Wear colours that compliment you, and avoid complex patterns in your clothing. Solid colours work best. For women, remember that less is more. Avoid wearing too much jewelry, and make sure your pieces aren’t too big or distracting. Wear clothing without revealing necklines. Professional hair and makeup is always a good idea, and be sure to schedule your shoot when you feel fresh – not at the end of a hard day!

Check with your work colleagues to see if they also need photos taken. You can often save money by booking a group. Always find or ask for samples of a photographer’s work before you book with them – make sure they can produce the style of portrait you’re looking for. Good photographers will know how to make you look your best and pose you for your body type.


Finally,  try to relax and have some fun with it! A good photographer will ensure you look great.