Photographing a Precious Newborn

Newborn sleeping in parents hands against white curtains

It has been a restless night with the little one in your arms. You look down in awe at the sleepy eyes looking back at you. You caress the little fingers in yours and are amazed at how fragile and small they are. Your heart swells with love. The tiny eyes finally close and the breath becomes a steady rhythm.

It is time to go. You quietly rise with the bundle in your arms and move to put the little one in the safety of the car seat. You click the belt and softly move towards the car. You are relieved and assured that the motion of the short car ride will rock your little one into a deep slumber. This allows your mind to wander to the changes your life has undergone in the short 9 days since the traumatic arrival.

The car parks in the driveway at Aviva Photo Studio and you are directed via text that the photographer is waiting in the backyard studio through the gate. You are greeted with the warmth of the studio fireplace and, just like any new parent, you are a bit nervous of what happens next. You are unsure as you pass your precious bundle to the arms of a stranger.

I accept your offering and I hold your little one in my arms. How precious is this little life. I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity. The safety of your sweet newborn baby is of my utmost concern.

This is my moment to get to know this little one as I undress and swaddle the tiny body. Each newborn has their own little personality which shines through and fascinates me.

My experience tells me that not all babies move the same. Some newborns are more flexible than others. I am sure to never force a pose as I realize that not all poses are safe for your individual baby.

I am careful to monitor your baby’s body temp and never let baby overheat during a shoot. I know that for a successful newborn photography session, keeping your baby comfortable is key. I am trained and keen to recognize the signs of a hungry tummy or a dirty diaper. These basic elements are addressed quickly so that the child can fall back asleep.

Cleanliness is very important to your little one’s health. I wash all used blankets after each session. I maintain a high level of cleanliness in my studio space. And, I am sure to sanitize my hands before and during every newborn photo shoot.

Although I am confident in my abilities, YOU are the boss and you call the shots for the session.This is your baby and these are your photos that, hopefully, you will treasure for a lifetime. If I believe anything, I know that a mother always knows best. I want my mums to always be comfortable letting me know how they are feeling.

But, I also understand that you are so overwhelmed. The first few weeks taking care of your newborn is so much bigger than you. You doubt everything. You worry about everything. Just leaving the house becomes an event, when before, you never thought twice. Your world has narrowed to the little being in your arms.

My hope, is that this newborn photo session is a momentary reprieve for you. It is the time to take a moment to forget the demands of motherhood and to just savour this little one. It is my job to capture this moment of their little life before it quickly flutters away into the next stage.

I love all the stages of a family’s life. Photographing families is my passion. I spend a great deal of time with newborns and children of all ages. I have 24 years of photography experience and over 14 years of experience with infants and children. I have obtained my Infant CPR certificate as added reassurance.

This passion is at the core of every photo shoot I do. From this passion, I get to have fun and be creative! And, I want to sincerely thank you for giving me the chance to keep doing this.

Love Liz

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