Is your home a good location for a photo shoot?

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Here are some factors to consider when deciding if you would like to use your home for a photo shoot booked with Aviva Studios:

  • Will the photo shoot be inside your home or outdoors on your property?
  • Consider the sightlines of your property for an outdoors photo shoot. What do you see when you look through the distance across your property? Do you see a fence, neighbour’s house, play structures, buildings? All of these can impact the final photo.
  • Do you have ample shade to protect you from the harsh sun?
  • Be aware of the sunlight on your property. This helps determine the best time of day to shoot.



For an indoor photo shoot, here are some things to consider…

  • Do you have a good amount of natural light in your home? If not, studio lights will be required and do take up a lot of space.
  • How open is your space? Walls or furniture can obstruct the views and angles of a photograph.
  • Logistically, does having the photo session in your home make it easier for one or more people to be part of the session?




If you are thinking of doing a long overdue family session and want to start planning, call me today to set up your no obligation consultation! There is a lot to be taken into consideration when choosing your location and I can help you determine what will work best.