The Luxurious Milkbath Photo Session

The fun started with a Cake Smash Session to celebrate Simone’s 1st birthday. After a consultation to develop the plan, the cake was ordered and the date was booked for a photo shoot. 

Simone came all dressed in her beautiful party dress ready to smile. As a warm up to start, photos were taken of her in her dress surrounded by pink flowers.

She was a little tentative and shy at first but soon realized how fun this was going to be when a gorgeous cake was placed in front of her.

“Go ahead, Sweetheart, that’s for you!” we all encouraged. You could almost read her thoughts. “Do I dare? Is this for real?” After many looks in the direction of her parents, searching for permission, she finally understood and grabbed the macaroons that topped the beautiful cake. 

“Click” and the moment with the adorable smile was captured.

A quick change into a flowered sundress provided options for another adorable photo. 

After her yummy snack, a warm milk bath with flower petals was prepared for her to wash off the sticky mess. Simone loved playing with the flowers in the milky water. This provided some more precious shots.

This fun photo session took only an hour but the photos will be cherished for a lifetime. And, we are sure little Simone slept all the way in the car ride home from her luxurious little spa adventure. What a treat!

If this is something you would like to book for your little one to celebrate their special 1st birthday, please send us an email ASAP! It truly was a lot of fun!!