Behind the Scenes of the Newborn Photoshoot with Abigail

The studio was toasty warm even though it was threatening snow outside. Abigail, Lauren’s friend who is homeschooled, came for the morning to help with the photoshoot. She has always been interested in photography, so this was a way for her to learn some tricks of the trade. 

It is always helpful for Liz to have the extra hands for spotting the baby during the shoot. But it also gave her the opportunity to pick up a camera and take some shots herself. A bit unsure of herself, Abigail quietly stood by,  watched and followed directions well.

Baby Brooklyn, 9lbs, was wide awake and restless. Parents Amanda & Cody said she normally will sleep all morning. Isn’t that always the way. Babies are so unpredictable.

This was a 3 set-up photoshoot and Liz started Brooklyn on the bean bag chair. This set-up requires the baby to be asleep to get the best shot. But as Brooklyn was a bit restless, she decided to move to the box set-up as being swaddled in a cozy wrap usually makes them fall asleep. 

Again the newborn was a bit restless, not upset but curious about the unusual setting. Liz decided to move to the bed set-up for a good opportunity to take some photos with the family.

A feed during a photoshoot is normal, so that the baby will get that milk-drunk look and help them fall asleep.

In the meantime, trying to get Brooklyn to settle, Liz told everyone that even though she’s been photographing for 25 years, she never thought she would end her career photographing babies. But, Liz continued, that she likes photographing newborns because she doesn’t have to tell them what to do. 

With other photoshoots she explained, it can require a large amount of energy to get people to smile & to look this way & that. But with babies, it is a complete waiting game. You are waiting for them to fall asleep or to settle. You can’t rush them. They do what they are going to do.

Finally, Brooklyn fell asleep and Liz was able to capture some precious photos. Take a look!