Who is Liz Tremblay? An Interview with the Photographer

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For some of you this might be the 1st time on our blog, so we decided to do a mini interview with the owner/photographer Liz. We thought this would be a fun way for you to get to know Liz a bit better with a candid conversation.

Rebekah: So Liz, how long have you been in the Okanagan? Where did you come from before your move to Kelowna?

Liz: I’ve lived in the Okanagan now for 12 years. Before that I was in Vancouver (Port Moody) for 10 years and prior to that I grew up and lived in southern Ontario. I much prefer BC however I do miss my family back home.

Rebekah: I can relate as my family lives in Ontario as well, but the Okanagan is such a beautiful place to live. Where is your favourite place to vacation?

Liz: Honestly my favourite place is our cabin up north new 100 Mile House. I love international holidays – don’t get me wrong – but within a few short hours I can be at our little cabin on the lake. That is where I am most happy and peaceful!

Rebekah: Nice! I can just picture you chillin’ with a good book by the water. Are you married? Do you have any kids?

Liz: Yes! I am blessed to be married to the most amazing man I know – Richard. Together we have 3 awesome kids and two amazing daughters-in-law! No grand babies yet…

Rebekah: Ha, don’t rush them. Your one son did just get married in the fall ;). What is your favourite past time?

Liz: My favourite thing to do other than being in my studio is to go trail running with my two sweet pups. 

Rebekah: Your dogs are so adorable with such fun personalities! Riker & Sophie… love them both.

Liz: I spend a lot of time in the bush with them – it’s where I go to think and rejuvenate.

Rebekah: Nice! How long have you been a photographer? Where did you study?

Liz: I’ve been a photographer now for over 24 years. It’s what I’ve always done and knew I wanted to do since I was a young child. I studied at Sheridan College in Ontario and spent several years working with other photographers learning the trade.

Rebekah: Have you always been an entrepreneur photographer or did you work at a “regular” job previously?

Liz: I’ve always been a photographer but it hasn’t always paid the bills! Early in my career I had jobs to supplement my passion but I never lost focus of what I really wanted to do which was photography.

Rebekah: What is your favourite thing to photograph?

Liz: Newborns – hands down. I find it so relaxing. Build a fire in the studio, put on some music and hang out with a sweet little baby and their parents. They can’t be rushed – It’s the one type of portrait photography that I can’t control because babies just do what babies do – so it forces me to just wait and go with the flow – which is good for me to do sometimes 😉

Rebekah: What was your most memorable photoshoot?

Liz: Oh my goodness – there have been so many over the years it’s impossible to talk about any single one but my favourites are surely the ones where everyone involved is into it and happy to be there. I can always tell and it always comes across in the photos!

Rebekah: Being a visual artist myself, I am curious how would you describe your photography aesthetic?

Liz: My photography style is relaxed and real. I’m not into heavy posing – instead I like to direct my clients in how to be in front of the camera to create an image where my subjects look relaxed and natural. I love human interaction and that is the best part of my job – interacting with people and building relationships is what fuels me and helps me to create beautiful images for them.

Rebekah: Apart from photography, what inspires you?

Liz: People inspire me. I love getting to know new people and hearing what it is that juices them. I get inspired by people’s stories, their struggles, their victories – small and large. Building relationships and getting to know people is what fuels me and my business. It’s about community and loving others as we are loved. I’m blessed to be able to do what I love and to be able to use my skills to give back to my community. That inspires me every day.

Rebekah: Thanks, Liz! This has been great & I hope it gives our readers a bit of an insight into the person behind the camera lens.