Saying Goodbye – June 2016

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Anyone who has ever had a dog knows just how special that relationship is and how hard it is when it’s time to say goodbye… This past Monday I had to do just that to my best friend of 13 years. Hunter was such an awesome dog. So loyal and faithful… I never had to look around to make sure he was there because I always knew he was. This handsome man loved to run with me on the trails and to search for his ball wherever I threw it. He would never come back without it. He loved nap time with me on the couch and swim with me in the lake or in the pool and he talked… oh man what a talker he was. I remember my Mom saying “he doesn’t have to speak English. You know exactly what he is saying!” and I did – he just had this way of communicating that was unlike any other dog I knew. I miss him so much and my heart is broken but I know in time the happy memories will be my comfort.

So – to everyone who has lost a four legged friend – my condolences… they are part of our family and in our hearts for ever.

I love you Hunter.

closeup portrait of red dog sitting action shot of dog rolling in grass dog and woman standing on dock over misty lake mother, daughter, and dog together in forest woman holding dog in corn field dog in frosty forest woman sitting on dock watching dog standing in water little girl playing with dog at beach