What the Professionals Do To Capture Just the Right Business Photo

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female photographer taking business headshot portrait photos in photography studio with windows

At Aviva Studios, we love working with all types of businesses providing the images they need to operate their businesses successfully. Whether it be product photography, branding images (please visit our sister studio Popp Studios for more information on product photography) or company headshots, we are here to support the local businesses of the Okanagan.

In our blog post What Do Your Headshots Say About Your Business?, we discuss the importance of a great first impression and what businesses can bring to the table for a business headshot photo shoot. In this post, we continue the discussion to show you what Aviva Studios can do for you in this collaborative process.

Let’s begin by talking about business headshots, specifically. Business headshots are staff images that are used for directories, either for print or web. In this day and age, headshots can also be used in all kinds of other scenarios, as well, from profile pictures to proposals.

When you are not there physically to speak, a headshot becomes the image that speaks for you on your behalf. In a media world, headshots are the all important first impression. In order to project a certain image, it is vitally important to get these first impression images right.

With over 24 years of experience, Aviva Studios has developed a process to help companies get these all important headshots by providing the following.


Aviva Studios provides a consistent look to all office photos by utilizing backgrounds and professional photography lighting. Without these 2 components, headshots can quickly lose their branding message into visual clutter.


At Aviva Studios, we make your staff look their best. Liz, the head photographer and owner of Aviva Studios makes the process go quickly and can capture the needed images often ahead of schedule. She is an expert at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. She knows just the right angles and poses to make employees look their best.


Photo retouching is included in the photos from an office session.


We are flexible to fit in to a busy schedule. With portable, professional lighting equipment and backdrops, Aviva Studios can come to your workplace. Photo studio sessions can also be reserved, if preferred.


We also offer lifestyle photos in the workplace. Larger team photos can also be taken to enhance branding instead of relying on generic stock photos.

Business Portrait of a blond woman wearing an olive suit sitting by a table with laptop in front of white curtains
Business Portrait of a group of people wearing black suits and white shirts against a grey backdrop

20% off for follow-up office sessions


We offer 20% off for updating sessions. As mentioned in our previous post What Do Your Headshots Say About Your Business?, nothing burns trust faster than a client coming in to expect a younger version of the professional who is being introduced.

Because of this, Aviva Studios offers 20% off for follow-up sessions to incorporate new staff members or any other needed updates to a previously booked session.


Why not make a headshot photoshoot an annual event? This way, your company media will always be up-to-date.

If Aviva Studios is a right fit for your business VISIT THIS LINK for pricing and other details.