Pam Nease Sleep Event – How To Get Your Baby To Sleep

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I had the absolute please of being part of my good friend Pam Nease’s sleep event. If you have never heard of Pam Nease and her amazing team of sleep angels – visit her website now to see what they are all about at

On April 29th, 2017 Pam held a free event for parents in Kelowna and shared her top 5 tips to helping your little one sleep peacefully through the night and nap well throughout the day. It was a sold out event and so informative! Described as a miracle worker by her clients, Pam Nease left a successful career in the Fall of 2009 to open up her own business as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. She rescues babies and children from the plight of sleep deprivation by showing parents how to give their little ones the beautiful gift and skill of sleep.

The event took place at the Laurel Packing House in Kelowna. It was a fun event – both informative and entertaining. Pam is an excellent speaker and shared some truly valuable information!

Pam and her team thought of everything for this event. It was bautifully done and well attended! It was great to see so many Kelowna families there that day.

Babies and children were encouraged to attend! The amazing Nannysitters were be on site with a supervised play area.

TJ The Kiddies Store will have a Pop-Up Shop with some of our fave *Pam’s Safe Sleep Approved* baby products.

Event photography by the one and only Aviva Studios

Event Videography by Clayton Arnall, Documentary Fimmaker

Audio/Visual by Jeff Hay – DJ Haymaker

TJ's The Kiddies Store DJ Haymaker Indoor Playground by Fun Bugs Nanny Sitters Kelowna Face painting by Koko the Eco Elf Mama's For Mama's

They also had amazing goodie bags filled with lots of great prizes and giveaways and over 30 door prizes for families to win! It was truly an awesome event.

If you are struggling with not enough sleep and not sure what to do – give Pam and her team a call. You won’t regret it.

It’s a big decision to hire a professional to help you with the most important part of your life – your precious child.

If you knew your baby or child could sleep no matter what (teething, gas, colic, reflux, sickness, growth spurts) and no matter where (your home, daycare, car, stroller, strange hotel room, grandma’s house) for the long term, what would that be worth to you and your spouse?

Let Pam and her team be your guide to deep and blissful sleep, like they have been to the other hundreds of families they have had the honor of helping since 2009. All their consultations are the most gentle, yet effective solutions available. They are loving, simple, practical and fun. Your family life will be transformed within just a couple of weeks! Bundled pricing is also available for those families with multiple children.

Individual Consultations vary based on your need, and all solutions are customized to you. Your investment in your child’s sleep can start as low as $269.50. They can help from birth right up to age 10. It is never too early or too late to help your child learn to not only sleep well, but love going to bed!