Karis House Photo Shoot to Give Back

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Back in September 2019, we had the pleasure to do a very special photo shoot with a very special family. We invited Tatianna and her baby girl, Anna, to the studio with her Auntie Tamara. 

This photo shoot was another way for us to give back to the community through Karis House, a charity organization we love.

Karis Support Society is a non-profit organization that provides recovery-focused counselling, programming and support to women, and women with babies or children within a supportive home environment.

Their mission is to genuine social transformation in the Okanagan Valley by providing a safe home, support through recovery and life skills development for people struggling with life altering addictions and mental health conditions. You can find out more about this organization by visiting their website at https://karis-society.org .

When a woman in their program is able to step out on her own again by going through the needed recovery steps, a photo shoot is organized for them as a graduation gift that marks this special milestone and accomplishment.

Philippa, from Karis House, organized this photo shoot at Aviva Studios for Tatianna and her 13 month old, active bundle of energy, baby Anna.

From the moment the photo shoot began, Anna was ready to go & did not want to stay still. Typical for her age, she wanted to crawl & motor.

At first, we tried entertaining her with a stuffed animal that Philippa held over Liz’s head. Then Liz brought out a flower for her to hold. When her interest started to wane, we brought out the big guns… Sophie, Liz’s little Havanese dog. Anna adored Sophie and Liz was able to get some really great shots.

The last pose was taken in the window with mom & baby. Anna didn’t want to be held so Auntie Tamara took Sophie outside on the other side of the window so Liz could get some last great shots of the two looking through the glass. 

Congratulations, Tatianna on all your accomplishments in recovery. We wish you and Anna all the best as you start a fresh new life direction!