How Aviva Can Help With Your Holiday Photo Gifts – Part 2

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Last week we posted the “Top 10 Photo Gifts for Christmas – Part 1” so that you get inspired and start finding some great photos to turn into personalized gifts. But sometimes the photos we take on our phones are just not special enough for that one-of-a-kind Christmas gift. If you are finding your photos are not exactly keep-worthy or gift-worthy, here’s how Aviva Studios can help. 

By booking a photo session with a professional photographer you will up the anti of your gift giving. With a bit of pre-planning, your professionally-taken digital photos can be ready in time for you to get them printed on all kinds of products your loved ones would cherish at Christmas time and for many, many years to come.

Beyond professional photography services, here’s what Aviva Studios also has to offer…

Printed photos

How about having your professional photos printed on multiple canvases or in multiple frames? The grouping can then be stacked for Christmas wrapping. Be sure to include a wall map of the photo placement to make it easier for the receiver to hang the collage. Or better yet, do the hanging for them so that your vision can be realized on their wall.


When you book a photo session at Aviva Studios, we can have your professional photos turned into awesome prints. Visit our blog post to see what prints are available.

Digital Photo Files

When you book a photo session with Aviva Studios, some digital images will be included in your session fee with additional files available for purchase. Be sure to ask about the number of digital files that comes with your purchased photo session.

Because these digital images are delivered to your inbox in a jpg format, they can be easily turned into any of the photo gift suggestions offered in the Part 1 (last weeks post) of this 2 part blog series. The possibilities are really limitless.

But be sure to let us know the use for your digital photos so that we can get them to you in plenty of time for you to order your personalized items from the suggested websites for Christmas.