The Aviva Project Valentine’s Day Mini Session Update

Are you feelin’ it? Love is definitely in the air. 

Do you remember back in school when we would sit at our desks and cut out hearts out of construction paper? We decorated little paper pouches with doilies and drawings with crayon. Then we waited for the big day when we would wander around to each desk delivering little valentines to all our friends and classmates. By the end of the day we were full of chocolates and cupcakes.

As adults, the day brings more sophisticated celebrations of dinners in fancy restaurants, boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers. What a wonderful time to tell those closest how much they mean to you. 

We want to spread the love to you by giving you smiles with these adorable photos taken at our Valentine’s Day Mini Photo Shoot that took place Jan 31st & Feb 1st. With this photography event, we were able to raise $200 for Joe Anna’s house and the KGH Foundation. And that makes us smile! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!